Tuesday, 2 August 2011

today i bought...

On Friday I took advantage of the Outnet's 85% off clearance sale to snap up this lovely Vanessa Bruno top for £32.25 (RRP £215!), deciding to treat myself on payday. I've always been a big fan of this French label's left bank charm and I really love this top; I can never resist a mesh panel, and I love how it looks a little like a swimsuit. I think it will be perfect over a neon bra and with slicked-back hair. However, I've never bought anything from the Outnet before and I'm not sure I will again, thanks to their extortionate shipping prices: £5.95 for delivery and £8 for returns. It's just ridiculous; what costs £8 to post?! I don't understand online stores that give you no incentive to shop there. They are definitely missing a trick; I can't be the only one who would surely buy more from there if only they made their rates more reasonable. (Sorry, rant over!)

Anyway, at least I can always rely on Topshop, with their free delivery over £75 and easy returns. This lovely sheer black shirt is just a simple, classic piece that I'm sure will play a central role in my wardrobe into autumn and beyond. Be warned though: the sizing comes up pretty small.

Lastly, this should actually be "today I made"... I decided to have a go at making my own Proenza Schouler-style bracelet. After having lusted after the real thing for months, I thought I'd try my hand at creating my own budget version, so I nipped to B&Q for some rope and a carabiner (that's the metal thing) and got to work with the glue gun(!) I never make anything - sewing on a button is the extent of my craftwork skills - so I'm rather pleased with the result. I really like the colours and reckon it will perk up any simple outfit a treat. What do you think?


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