Saturday, 9 July 2011

today i want... zara snakeskin clutches

My obsession with snakeskin is showing no signs of waning, and today I've come across my latest serpentine must-have. What I love about the print is that it's statement but at the same time somehow quite subtle. Leopard print is just statement; it automatically becomes the focus of your outfit and nothing can compete with it. Snakeskin, however, adds interest and complexity to what you're wearing without screaming 'look at me'. In pared-down shades like taupe and black it can be the perfect way to add texture without bringing in a new colour, but if you do want to add one, snakeskin looks infinitely more chic than a brash block colour. These Zara snakeskin clutches, then, are undoubtedly accessory perfection. I absolutely love all three colours and can't decide which one I want the most. They will go with everything and anything this summer and although the price seems steep, I can guarantee the cost-per-wear will make them seem like a bargain. I will be very surprised if one of these doesn't show up in a "today i bought" post very soon...


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