Friday, 29 July 2011

today i want... zara black and snakeskin flats

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to wear heels whenever possible, and I think it might be the only one I've ever genuinely kept to. So much so that when I wear flats now I feel very odd, and really quite frumpy. They just never look as good in my opinion, and there's no surer way to ruin a perfectly good outfit than by sticking on a dull pair of flats - or worse, trainers (I absolutely love Sabrina of Afterdrk's style, but I do wish she'd throw out her Converse). However, while I can happily wear my heeled boots 24/7, some activities like commuting and shopping are just not possible in most of my heels. So inevitably I need a good pair of flats to turn to. And I think I've found them in Zara's latest drop. The black pointed toe, the snakeskin panel, the ChloĆ©-esque ankle strap: these babies prove that shoes do not have to be ugly to be comfortable (take note, all those women who commute in horrible chunky trainers: a pet hate of mine). And at £39.99, they are a very affordable way to make those times when you really can't wear heels just a little bit more elegant.


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