Thursday, 21 July 2011

today i love... topshop silver glitter boots

That's right, people, the Topshop silver glitter boots have finally arrived. And if you want them you'd better act fast. They only landed two hours ago and already sizes 36, 40, 41 and 42 have sold out online. Luckily I snapped mine up before my size disappeared but if yours has gone, I recommend heading down to your local store pronto (item code is 32A03ASLV). If your size is still available, then click the picture below to get shopping. Quick quick!



  1. I've been checking 2 times everyday since the black edition hit the online shop, cause I wanted the silver edition not the black one.
    This morning I checked as usual, ans they were there!!!!!!!! Sold out in all sizes, except 41, and I use 36/37.
    What size do you use? Just to see how late I was X3 You're so lucky that you got a pair before they were sold out :( I'm gonna call the nearest Topshop tomorrow morning, unfortunately the nearest store is in Copenhagen which is 60 minutes by train, and 30 minutes in car :(


  2. Hi Caroline! Ah I'm sorry you missed out on them, really hope you find them in your local store! I got a 40, and I'm lucky that I was online right when they arrived in the morning the first time around.

    Topshop know how popular they are, so I reckon they will be back again :) If I see them I'll do a blog post as soon as they arrive so keep checking back!

    Good luck and thanks for checking out the blog! X


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