Sunday, 17 July 2011

today i love... basics

3. Leather jackets

So it's time for another basics post (click on the tag "today i love basics" at the end of this post to see the series). Sorry that these have become more monthly than weekly features; they take a bit of time and I'm super busy at the moment. Anyway, this time around I've chosen to concentrate on leather jackets, another item I think every woman should have in her wardrobe. Now I did consider just doing jackets in general, but that's far too vague a concept in my mind, and there are lots of different types I think everyone should own. Besides, you will be able to tell from my "today I'm wearing" posts that I am a serious leather jacket addict, so I definitely think they deserve a post all to themselves. So, here are my golden leather jacket rules...

Firstly, make sure it's real leather. You will have to pay more, yes, but you will also love it much more and it will look infinitely better. The same goes for bags; there's nothing worse than when fake leather gets old and starts to peel. Real leather, however, only improves with age (though you probably should treat your bags, or your black leather may go a little green, like my studded bag has). Anyway, I can promise you that if you invest a little more in the real deal it will pay off in the long run.

Secondly, the style and colour is of course up to you. A classic black biker will undoubtedly see more wear than, say, a cropped red version, but both will serve you well when putting outfits together and you may well love that red one a little more. I also quite like leather jackets that are a little bit different and stand out from the crowd. As well as colour and cut, this means details like quilting, studs, fringing and zips. Granted, these extras may mean your jacket isn't quite as timeless, but if you absolutely love it when you buy it, chances are that won't change anytime soon. My own collection of leather jackets currently comprises a cropped black number with frill detail (see it here); a studded cream version (see it here); a metallic biker with a snakeskin-esque texture (see it here) and one in classic black with all-over fringing (see it here).

Thirdly, you can never have too many. As I'm sure you know, leather jackets go with everything and anything, adding a little bit of edge to a slightly-too-girly dress, amping up basic jeans and a tee or finishing off a high-octane evening look. I could sing their praises all day, but all that's really left for me to do is to encourage you to peruse my selection of high-street beauties below and invest in what will doubtless become one of the hardest-working items in your wardrobe.

2. All Saints leather mini mac, £147.50 (reduced from £295)
9. French Connection Marylou leather jacket, £147 (reduced from £300)


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