Saturday, 23 July 2011

today i bought...

They've arrived! What could be better to wake up to on Saturday morning than a polka dot package containing these beautiful Topshop glitter boots? I wasn't expecting these until Monday so it was a lovely surprise (kudos on the fast delivery, Topshop). And wow, aren't they amazing? They are seriously glittery, almost like mirror balls for your feet, so not for the faint-hearted. But I love them, and think they'll be the perfect way to bring a bit of shine to this dreary so-called summer. I also have a size 6 (39) which I'm not keeping, so I'm considering putting them on Ebay. Watch this space!



  1. they are just perfect...can't wait for mine to arrive...
    xoxo anna

  2. wowza! I think they're beautiful. question though, do the glitters fall off easily or it is well made? I bought the black glitter ones and was wondering :)
    Also what about sizing? do they fit true to size?
    Thanks doll

  3. A little glitter has come off but not loads so far! They are leather under the glitter so pretty good quality :) I'd say they are pretty true to size, I'm a 39.5 and struggled to choose between the 39 and 40 (went for the 40 in the end to give a bit of room).

    Hope that helps, thanks for checking out the blog! X

  4. Thanks Anna Lou! I just got mine and I love them! :) They super comfy :) You look great in them too!


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