Wednesday, 20 July 2011

today i bought...

Feeling pretty rubbish today, but at least I have some lovely new purchases to cheer me up. I featured both of them in 16th July's "today i'd love to wear" and they are both things I'd been wanting for quite some time (sometimes I think Topshop reads my mind, because I often think of an item only to have it appear in their online shop a couple of weeks later). Anyway this beautiful Topshop Boutique jumper is precisely what I'd been searching for (sold out online now). Yes, angora in July does seem a little incongruous, but then with this weather you'd be forgiven for thinking it was October. I can't wait to pair it with leather shorts; I just love the combination of a fluffy knit with tough black leather.

I featured this Topshop silver torque necklace and its gold counterpart as 13th July's "today i want" and it was a tricky choice between the two, but given that I've recently bought a gold collar necklace I figured I'd go for silver this time. I love how incredibly simple it is and can't think of anything it won't go with. I'll be wearing it with the jumper tomorrow so stay tuned for outfit pictures...


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  1. I adore that jumper! The weather is so strange at the moment you can definitely wear it now.


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