Saturday, 9 July 2011

today i bought...

Bit of a Zara fest today. First up are these lovely white courts. Unfortunately I had to return the beautiful silver ones because they were just too small, but I found the white version in my size (in the seventh Zara I'd been in to search for the silver ones...) and decided to buy them instead. After all, they were reduced from £59.99 to £19.99. Admittedly I don't love the white quite as much as the silver, but they are a very good consolation prize. (Although if you do happen to see the silver ones in a size 40 anywhere in England please do let me know!)

I also came across this beautiful bag on the way to the checkout. It was reduced from £99 to £49 and looks so much more expensive. The leather is super soft, and I can never resist a ponyskin leopard print panel. I've been looking for a nice roomy leather tote for quite a while so this one is just perfect.

This lovely jumper was also in the Zara sale, reduced from £25.99 to £19.99. I fell immediately in love with it as I'd been looking for something like it for quite some time. It's also a dead ringer for this Acne jumper, as worn by my new favourite blogger Sabrina. I do love finding a bargain version of a designer beauty, so I'm pretty pleased with this.


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