Sunday, 26 June 2011

today i bought...

I'm not very good with high street/designer collaborations; I invariably love them, but fail to invest in them. The problem is my brain seems to take issue with high street items that cost more than normal high street items. I just can never bring myself to shell out £50 for a top from Topshop, even if it is a designer top from Topshop, because I know a non-designer one would be more like £25. Silly, really, and I can't count the number of times I've kicked myself for missing out (how much do I regret not snapping up any Christopher Kane for Topshop?!) However today I came a little closer to resolving my dilemma, thanks to the sales. Now I must confess I've been very disappointed with the summer sales in general; the fact that Topshop's is rubbish hurts all the more because I am such an ardent Topshop lover. Still, while I found absolutely zilch in their online sale, I did pick up this gem in store. I wrote about Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back's collection for Topshop when it came out back in January, but once again felt the prices were just a little high. So imagine my joy to discover that this lovely top had been reduced from £40 to £25. Knowing that it's been on my wish list for some time makes me confident it will prove a wise purchase, and it is very beautiful in real life, too. Long, soft, loose and sheer (so much so that it will require a top underneath for work), it will be perfect for heady summer days like today. If we ever get any of those again...


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