Monday, 23 May 2011

today i'm inspired by... acne high summer lookbook

According to Swedish brand Acne, it's now high summer. The raindrops on my window pane tell a different story, but let's be optimistic, shall we? After all, it was the warmest April we've had in quite some time, and it'll certainly take more than a spot of rain to stop me dressing how I like. Besides, Acne's high summer lookbook isn't full of shots of depressingly tanned models in bikinis. Rather these pictures are low-key, effortlessly simple and perfect for the classic British pseudo-summer. They exemplify everything I love about this fantastic brand: beautiful, simple, urban tailoring that anyone can wear and everyone will want to. If you can afford to buy these wonderful clothes, you can find them here (and you can check out Acne's pre-fall lookbook here). But given that a basic tee will set you back £120, I'm just as likely to buy them as I am to cultivate a deep golden tan (aka not at all). Sigh.


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