Tuesday, 24 May 2011

today i'm channelling... chloe sevigny

Click here to see Chloë Sevigny's look

What I love about Chloë Sevigny is that when she gets dressed, she's not concerned with having the shortest skirt, the biggest hair or the most make-up. She is one of that rare breed of celebrity who will wear what she likes, when she likes, and doesn't really care if you don't think she's the hottest girl in the room. Often this kind of mentality can go too far and result in a less than fashionable outfit (Helena Bonham Carter anyone?) but with Chloë's achingly cool sense of style, she rarely looks anything other than fantastic. Her latest outfit, worn to the MoMa dinner (nope, me neither), is a case in point. Her knee-length cream dress could be demure, but a cheeky cutout keeps things fun (note, by the way, its crucial placement above the midriff: bellybuttons should never be seen). Chunky black heels and a denim jacket add a dash of Chloë's signature downtown cool, and a slick of orange lipstick is the perfect finishing touch. And it's a foolproof way of dressing down any piece of clothing that you fear may look a little too corporate, or making an evening dress appropriate for day. After all, teamed with prim heels and a neat blazer Chloë's dress would have looked quite nice, but it wouldn't be setting any fashion flames alight. So feel free to follow her faultless styling tips this summer and you're sure to avoid that dreaded adjective: boring. After all, if there's one lesson we can learn from Miss Sevigny, it's that it's always better to look interesting than safe.


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