Monday, 30 May 2011

today i want... topshop raffia sandals

Now normally I have a real aversion to anything remotely rope-like anywhere near shoes: I hate espadrilles, especially wedges (and the same goes for cork). Come summer the shops are filled with cheap brightly-coloured cotton wedges with horrible scratchy rope heels and I absolutely hate them. So it comes as a big surprise to me that I really rather love these shoes. I think it's the fact that there's nothing remotely wedge-like about them that's won me over, and that the chunky heel + buckles makes them look tough and edgy rather than sweet and girly. They are also appealing to me right now because that heel looks very wearable, and because they'd add a lovely hit of summer to any ensemble, providing the perfect solution when chunky black shoes feel a little too wintry. Add them to leather shorts and a white tee, for example, and you've got an outfit that's effortlessly simple but simply brilliant. The downsides, however, are a) the price and b) I'm just not sure whether I can swallow my hatred of rope heels once and for all. Watch this space...


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