Tuesday, 19 April 2011

today i want... topshop boutique sunset floral cami

Floral is the one springtime trend that refuses to die. Year after year, as soon as the sun comes out, we are bombarded with flowery tea dresses, rose-print tops, faded floral jeans and corsages on everything. But I've always been very wary of florals. Get it wrong and there is no easier way to look passé. The thought of a spriggy mumsy tea dress makes me shudder, as do mother-of-the-bride style floral skirts and blouses. So I've always tried to tread very carefully with this problematic print. The only floral item I wear regularly is an oversized chiffon shirt with a faded, vintagey-print, which in my mind manages to sidestep flowers' unfortunate connotations (see it here). But it can still be tricky to wear it in the right way. Thank goodness, then, for exotic florals. In one fell swoop a bright Hawaiian floral puts paid to any mumsy associations and brings the print back to life. This beautiful Topshop Boutique cami is a case in point: you don't need to worry about how you wear it because it can't fail to look fantastic. (I would team it with a nice bit of leather, though, to give it some edge, or maybe ripped denim.) The only downside is that I'm not the only one to have noticed the brilliance of this lovely silk top, and it's all but sold out online. I'll let you know if it comes back in stock, but in the meantime Topshop's new store checking facility will let you know whether you can find it near you (click the link below and select 'Find this in a UK store'). After all, florals this fabulous don't come along all that often.

*UPDATE 21st April* It's now back in stock online. Yay!

Topshop Boutique sunset floral cami, £40


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