Sunday, 3 April 2011

today i love... white

Spring has now well and truly sprung (and very suddenly at that; one day it was fur coat-weather and the next bare arms galore, it seems). So what better time to embrace that most spring-like of colours, white? Since seeing Columbine Smille's perfectly executed all-white look the other week, I've been obsessed with the idea of head-to-toe white. It's such a fresh, clean colour that it can't fail to make you feel awake and alive, even on a dreary Monday. The key thing to remember, though, is that white can go very wrong. White hoodies, cheesecloth beach cover-ups and hippy crochet are not what we're going for here. If in doubt, just think Calvin Klein. Clean, sculptural shapes with no fussy detail is the name of the game. Choose strong tailoring (Zara is king when it comes to this) paired with a clean-lined clutch and either a simple white watch or sharp silver cuff. If all-white feels a little harsh, pair it with bright nails, a colourful rope bracelet or a pop of eyeshadow. You should be aiming for a minimalist aesthetic with just a touch of sportiness. Topshop's New Age Constellation collection is a good place to start, as are my top picks of the high street's white offerings, below.

11. Dorothy Perkins white pyramid clutch bag, £10.50 (reduced from £15)


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