Tuesday, 15 February 2011

today i love... the baftas

So, in case you've been living in a cave, the BAFTAs (aka our answer to the Oscars) took place at London's Royal Opera House on Sunday night. I settled down on my sofa to watch it on the good old BBC, and what a lovely evening it was. Largely more impressive in terms of outfits than the Golden Globes (which I was very disappointed by style-wise - read my thoughts on it here). Because of course, while I was super pleased that The King's Speech won so many awards (seriously amazing film), what I was really watching for was the dresses. So here's my take on the best and worst of the BAFTAs fashion. Simply click on the celebrities' names to see their outfits.

First up: the worst. Admittedly there were many contenders here, but I thought that rather than slate the obvious offenders (such as two members of Girls Aloud, looking horribly if predictably tacky), I'd focus on those celebrities who were particularly disappointing because they got it so wrong, when I know they had the potential to get it so right. First we have the beautiful Gemma Arterton. Her outfit wasn't outright horrible, to be sure. But something about this look was extremely disappointing for me. Gemma is so stunning she could wear anything, but lately she's really been impressing with her style choices. Take, for instance, the stellar looks she debuted at various Tamara Drewe premieres, which included a simple white Calvin Klein sheath paired with zero make-up, and a stunning black minidress with slicked back hair. I think that's why I was so let down by this lazy look. To start with, I'm really not feeling velvet anymore; it had a moment about a year ago but that's long gone. Essentially this YSL column dress is just pretty blah, and tying a massive blue bow around it really wasn't the way to go about livening it up. It just looks out of place, and, frankly, tacky. And then there's that golden rule of red carpet dressing: let your dress do the talking, especially if it's got a massive great bow on it. Slicked back hair or a nice tidy up-do, plus fresh-faced make-up, would have helped this look a lot. Gemma's red lips and messy layers only make matters worse. Shame really.

And then there's Emilia Fox, another sickeningly beautiful woman. So why, oh why, did she choose this awful clingy Kate Halfpenny dress? Nobody, bar nobody, can make champagne-coloured satin look good. That cut is doing nothing for her figure either, making her chest look saggy and clinging to absolutely everything. Boring hair and boring accessories, too. If only she'd opted for something sleek, simple and well-cut (surely that can't be too hard to find?)

And finally in the try-again-next-year category is Neve Campbell. Who knew she was still around, eh? Anyway, Neve has helpfully taught us some very valuable lessons with her Roberto Cavalli dress choice. Number 1: chocolate is for eating, not for wearing. Number 2: a badly-fitting halterneck and wide diagonal waist detail will make you look older and fatter than you actually are. Number 3: covering yourself in thousands of gold necklaces sadly won't detract from your hideous dress. Shame she didn't learn these lessons before getting dressed, eh?

Now that that's out of the way, let's move onto the good, shall we? And ah, look who it is: Emma Watson. I can always count on her to provide a shining ray of style in the murky dark fashion wasteland. To be fair, you can't go too far wrong in Valentino, but Emma absolutely nails this look. I think it's the pixie cut that makes it (even though as a general rule I preferred her hair longer). Paired with sickly sweet curls this dress might have proved a little too saccharine, but Emma's sharp short hair provides the perfect balance. Teamed with beautifully subtle make-up and just the perfect hint of glimmer from her divine earrings, this is surely a fashion home run for Miss Watson.

Secondly, it's another Emma: newcomer Emma Stone, who was a nominee alongside Gemma Arterton for Rising Star (though neither of them won). I was very excited that I immediately recognised this dress as Lanvin, and immediately loved it also. Miss Stone is proving one to watch in the style department, as this pitch-perfect outfit proves. I just love the combination of orange and coral on the dress, and Emma wisely lets it speak for itself (take note Gemma), teaming it with a soft updo, understated but eye-catching gold accessories and nude heels. Effortlessly done.

And our last fashion triumph comes courtesy of Swedish sensation Noomi Rapace, aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Noomi didn't win a BAFTA, but she certainly gets a style award from me in this sensational Givenchy haute couture gown. I love that it's fierce, but still incredibly beautiful. Instead of playing it safe, Noomi ramped up the glamour in this studded gold beauty, teaming it with winged eye make-up and two fierce cocktail rings. So bravo, Miss Rapace, for putting all the timid actresses in nondescript nude to shame, and proving that sometimes, bolder is better.


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