Saturday, 25 June 2016

today i love... cheerz polaroid 3000 box

cheerz polaroids

There's something special about actually holding a photo in your hand in this digital age. That's why instant prints like Polariod and Instax have taken on something of a cult status in recent years. But as you may know if you've looked into it, instant memories don't come cheap. Besides, in this age of taking 100 photos to get the perfect snap, having only one shot can result in wasting your precious film on a blurry finger-over-the-lens moment. Luckily, Cheerz has teamed up with Polaroid to give us the perfect solution, and they very kindly let me try it out. For £15 you can choose 18 of your existing photos to be printed on Polaroids, complete with that unmistakable authentic sepia tone, and shipped out to you. You can even choose to have text printed on the bottom if you like (I kept mine blank to be scribbled on in Sharpie instead). The perfect compromise between old and new, if you ask me.

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