Sunday, 20 September 2015

today i'd love to wear...

Sadly since leaving the fashion industry my days of sitting front row at the shows are behind me (OK, I only ever sat front row once), and this season I've been too busy even to make it to check out the new location in Soho. But I still love watching the shows online, checking out the street style snaps and seeing what all the editors are wearing. I also like to put together what I would most love to throw on should that Burberry ticket one day arrive through my letterbox. So here's my dream LFW outfit: an outrageously "fashion" statement piece (adore this Topshop coat, if it is heinously overpriced for high street), a designer bag (subtle enough so that only the fashion crowd know who it's by), a failsafe leather midi, shoes which are stylish yet still comfortable enough to spend hours pounding the pavements in, plus a little statement jewellery to finish it off. Et voilĂ  = fashion week dressing by numbers.

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