Wednesday, 12 November 2014

today i bought… jo malone pine & eucalyptus candle

jo malone pine eucalyptus candle

Even if you've only visited my blog once or twice, you probably know that I'm a little bit obsessed with scented candles. Someone asked me the other day how much I spend per year on them and quite honestly it doesn't bear thinking about. But I don't care: they make me happy. And none more than a scented candle that also features one of my other favourite things in the world: Christmas. Seriously, I am all about the festive cheer. Mince pies, John Lewis adverts, twinkly lights on Oxford Street, ice skating, Michael Bublé songs: the whole shebang. So when I received an email about Jo Malone's special Christmas candle scented with pine and eucalyptus, there was no way I wasn't ordering it. It arrived today and is currently scenting my home with the most divine smell: like the most beautifully fragrant Christmas tree, only more luxurious. It's usurped my previous Christmas candle of choice, but I still burn that at this time of year as well: Lily Flame's Ho Ho Ho, which smells quite manly, but in a Christmassy way (hard to describe but it's a lovely scent). Below I've selected a few more festive candles to help light your way to a deliciously aromatic Christmas.

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