Saturday, 10 May 2014

today i bought… 3.1 phillip lim 31 minute clutch

3.1 phillip lim 31 minute clutch marine

I know, I know… More Phillip Lim. But what can I say? The man knows how to design a bag. I think if I had to pick my one all-time favourite designer it would have to be Lim. Just such a fan of his collections. What I love about his bags in particular is that they're not shouty or monogrammed, but they still stand out. Take this beautiful clutch: it's really just a simple leather pouch but it's the details that make it so perfect. The deep navy colour, the silky leather, the heavy silver zip, the unlined interior, the curved shape… I could go on. My-Wardrobe are really succeeding in getting a lot of money out of me these days, thanks mainly to their incredible loyalty scheme which gives me 20% off on two days of my choice per season, a £25 gift voucher every now and then plus great customer service. Oh, and they are currently offering a free gift with all 3.1 Phillip Lim bags (my cardholder has been a little delayed but I'm excitedly awaiting its arrival). It's all I can do not to order the whole collection, to be honest…

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