Sunday, 16 February 2014

today i want… h&m black draped coat


H&M black draped coat / £39.99

Sorry for the lack of posts but LFW has been pretty exhausting so far (I've completely ruined my knees from running around in heels so will be forcing my feet into flats for a while…) The other presiding feeling I have right now is that of envy. Nothing like staring at beautifully dressed women all day to make your wardrobe feel totally inadequate. And what I want most of all right now is a beautiful new coat. Specifically, the perfect camel coat, like the one I saw on Sabrina of afterDRK today. Oh man. Sadly, however, I can't find anything suitable on the high street right now. This draped black H&M coat might just be the next best thing though. Not camel, but silky, long and perfect for sunnier winter days like today. And all for under £40. I call that a fashion week winner.

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