Sunday, 1 December 2013

today i bought… kate bosworth for topshop pistol boots

kate bosworth for topshop black pistol boots

It's not all that often I prioritise practicality when it comes to my clothes, but one thing I do like is to be able to walk in my shoes. It's nonsense when people say they can't walk in heels, full stop: they're just not wearing the right ones. Anyone can walk in a lovely block heel ankle boot. Or, with a little bit of practice, a well-fitting court. Or a strappy sandal. The key lies in, first off, the fit - so important. Court shoes especially need to fit perfectly or it just won't happen. I've had to get rid of a couple of pairs for this reason which kind of broke my heart, so don't get them unless you're absolutely sure because it isn't worth the gamble. Secondly, the type and height of heel. If you're a heel virgin go for a sturdy block-heeled ankle boot around the three-inch mark: I swear these are just as easy to walk in as flats, if not more so. Four inches is also absolutely fine if the heel's pretty thick. (Platforms help too but I am not a fan.) It's when you get into stiletto territory that things get a little more tricky, balance-wise. Personally I'm absolutely fine with skinny heels up to four inches; the only ones I struggle a little with are my Kurt Geiger spike-heels because the heel really is ridiculously thin. But go much above four inches and it's a different story.

I've been lusting after these drop-dead gorgeous Kate Bosworth for Topshop boots for weeks and when I finally decided to take the plunge I was delighted to find out they are just as stunning in real life. But, and it's a big but, they are really high. Just a little too high to make walking particularly easy. And beautiful as they are, we all know there's nothing less sexy than a woman who can't walk in her shoes. I already have a pair of ASOS ponyskin boots which I refuse to get rid of because they're so divine, but they are so high that I've worn them exactly twice in the two-plus years since I got them. The problem is that I really need a pair of black ankle boots which can be worn with a skirt, and these are just perfection. I can't find anything which comes close anywhere else. So what do you think? Give my calves a workout and hope I don't fall over as I get used to them? Or send them back and hold out for a slightly less precarious pair?

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  1. I splashed out on Kurt Geiger Brick shoes with those same ridiculously thin heels and as I await their arrival I've been wondering how easy they'll be to walk in. Now I'm nervous!
    Love the boots though - hope they work out for you :)

    1. They're not all that bad - my KG boots are a little big too which doesn't help! Sure yours'll be fine - let me know! :)

  2. They're gorgeous!! Good purchase ;-) xx


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