Thursday, 24 October 2013

today i want... topshop kate bosworth red leather trousers

topshop kate bosworth red leather trousers

Topshop The Collection starring Kate Bosworth stretch skinny leather trousers / £295

I knew I'd be a fan of Kate Bosworth's collection for Topshop (not entirely clear on whether she actually had a hand in designing it?) because I'm a huge fan of both the actress and the brand. Let's be honest: Kate's pretty much the girl we all want to be: gorgeous, used to date Orlando Bloom (though I'd rather leave out the 'used to'), and with an excellent yet totally effortless sense of style. Still, I didn't know I'd love her 40-piece A/W edit, which landed today, quite as much as I do. For starters it's about 80% leather, so that's got my vote already. Secondly there's a lot of black, white and silver, which again, is a pretty failsafe fashion formula if you ask me. The pieces are mostly classic with a twist, which is exactly how I like to dress, with simple grey marl tees and elegant pointed ankle boots sitting alongside asymmetric leather skirts and sheepskin totes. To be honest, I adore it all, but it's the above red leather trousers which really stood out to me as the hero piece. As you may know I'm a woman on a lifelong quest to find the perfect black leather trousers (almost impossible if you want to pay under a grand), but I also have a real soft spot for a red pair. I don't know why, but if you ask me there's something perennially chic about red leather trousers (check out this look if you don't believe me). The fact that these beauties are bright scarlet with zips at the ankle only enhances my love for them. I can't tell you how perfect they'd look with my new cream coat. Now the only problem is, as usual, the price. If money were no object I'd be snapping these up in red, black and cream. Sadly though it looks like I'll be waiting for the sales on this one (sigh)... In the meantime, the search continues.

Shop the whole Kate Bosworth collection for Topshop here.

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