Tuesday, 24 September 2013

today i love... beauty favourites

Bobbi Brown lip gloss Dolce Gabbana Intense parfum

A few new additions to my beauty arsenal...

I'm a little bit obsessed with & Other Stories, as regular readers will no doubt know. This extends 100% to their amazing own brand beauty line, which has some of the most sophisticated, far-above-their-price-tag scents I've come across. As well as Rose Revival, Fig Fiction (less keen on the names) is a firm favourite of mine. This body wash smells deliciously masculine and super sophisticated, and will set you back a mere £5.

Since noticing the first signs of ageing (argh) I now religiously use SPF 50 on my face everyday regardless of the weather. This one's great because it's mattifying so you don't get that telltale greasy face that most sunscreens give. Smells lovely, too, and has a very slight flattering tint.

A classic, and rightly so. Provided you apply it correctly (in a thin film like a face mask, rubbing it in as little as possible), it's the perfect primer to smooth skin and blur imperfections, and will keep your make-up in place all day. Ideal for special occasions.

I'm not someone who has one signature scent; I love discovering new fragrances too much. But I do have one set of daytime scents, and one of nighttime. This deep, sensual and luxurious perfume definitely falls into the latter category. Oh, and it comes in a purple velvet box. Need I say more?

If, like me, you left lip gloss behind in the last millennium, this may just be the one to re-convert you. Its formula banishes all nasty 90s connotations: it's subtle, moisturising, flattering and, most importantly, totally non-sticky.

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