Sunday, 28 July 2013

today i love... pose

I actually joined Pose a couple of months ago now, but I thought I'd just flag it up in case you're not aware of this lovely little fashion app. It's basically a more modern version of (remember that?), designed to give you a quick and easy stream of outfits you like for a fashion inspiration fix on your phone (but can be used on desktop browsers too). When you sign up you'll be given a quiz asking what kind of styles you like and it'll suggest a few people for you to follow. Then you can search for your favourite bloggers or browse by item, style, location or even weather to help you decide what to wear that day. If you're a fashion junkie like me then I highly recommend it. And once you've signed up, don't forget to follow me! (You can always click on the black "P" in my blog header to find my Pose profile.) If you're on Pose already, let me know your username so I can check out your looks too!

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