Monday, 8 April 2013

today i bought...

Last summer while looking for a new scent I bought Marc Jacobs Tropical Splash Hibiscus on a whim. I didn't know it then but it would turn out to be my favourite fragrance ever, of all time, hands down. I can't describe to you just how much I love the fresh, summery fruity smell of this absolute gem of a perfume. It's definitely a summer scent (in fact to me it smells of summer personified) so I haven't worn it in the last few months, but now that it's getting to that time of year again (I'm ignoring the weather) I started to think about getting another bottle of it. Of course, I then remembered that it was limited edition and I've been unable to find it anywhere (typical, right?) Luckily it's an 100ml bottle so it will last for a while, but when it does run out I've found the next best thing: its sister fragrance, Tropical Splash Kumquat. Apart from having the best name ever, this beauty is an incredibly light citrus scent which also smells exactly of summer. This one luckily is still available and I snapped it up for half price in my local Debenhams (click the link above to buy online). £14.50 for 100ml of truly amazing scent? You can't argue with that. Even if it's not going to feel like summer anytime soon, it can at least smell like it.

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  1. they've got such a nice package :)

  2. Would love to try this one out :)

    x Eline -


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