Monday, 25 March 2013

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In case you haven't heard of & other stories, it's the newest offering from Swedish retail giant H&M and its first UK store opened on Regent Street earlier this month. It sits somewhere between H&M and its big sister COS, in that it's less cheap and cheerful than H&M but more trend-led and accessible than COS. The price points are somewhere in the middle, too, with jumpers around £40, dresses around £50 and shoes £60-£90. I was intrigued about the new brand, but it wasn't until I checked out the website today that I realised this is going to be one of my top shopping destinations from now on. As I scrolled through the "new in" section I literally fell in love with every piece. The soft leather oversized clutches in navy and nude; the lace and mesh bras; the holographic accessories; the sculptural jewellery; the industrial spike heel shoes... They even have their own beauty and make-up ranges, too. The downsides? So far there's only the one store in the UK and delivery will set you back £6. But it is free returns, so I think I'll just do a bulk order and send back what I don't want (which may well be nothing). To my bank balance: I apologise in advance. Shop & other stories here.

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  1. I love & other stories...

  2. I Love most of the shoes and bags there.....
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