Tuesday, 12 March 2013

today i love... beauty favourites

I'm no expert on beauty but I do love make-up and beauty products; I think finding out what suits you and learning how to apply make-up properly is so important as it can make you look a hundred times better, and who wouldn't want that? I especially love discovering new favourite products. Over the years I've experimented a lot, especially with make-up, so I now know what suits me and pretty much stick to my daily routine. However, I love it when you find that new hero product that quickly becomes an essential in your life, whether it be the perfect face mask or a blusher that lights up your complexion. The above are some recent additions to my list of favourite products, and I now couldn't live without each of them.

This rich clay mask heats up on contact with your skin and smells like a spa, making it perfect for a twice weekly pick-me-up. It's affordable, too, and makes your skin feel baby soft.

I snapped this up for a very good price in the Boxing Day sales, and it's now become my go-to hair product for nights out. I'm not sure how effective it would be on poker straight hair, but it works very well on mine, which already has a slight wave. Spritzed onto damp hair and left to dry it turns out perfect beachy mermaid curls, but it's also great for an evening pick-me-up to add a little roughness and volume to dry hair.

I got this kit for Christmas, which contains Sugarbomb blusher, Sugarbomb lip gloss and minis of High Beam and Benetint. The perfect little travel kit, in other words. But it's the Sugarbomb blusher which has bowled me over. It's hands down the most flattering blush I've ever tried. Swirling all the colours together over the apples of the cheeks and up towards the temples gives a beautiful, natural peachy glow, with just the right amount of shimmer to make your skin look dewy and fresh. I'm never without it.

A birthday gift from my sister which has become my failsafe everyday shadow. I previously used a Maybelline shade (Silken Taupe) which was also lovely as a base, but this one has more shimmer, making it more flattering. For my everyday look I blend this over the whole lid and then layer Barry M Dazzle Dust in Chocolate on top, over the outer half of the lid only.

I'd never thought of using a concealer brush until I got this double-ended one in the set of Laura Mercier brushes I picked up in the Space NK sale. But it's a revelation. I use the larger end for blending under-eye light reflective concealer and also with my stick concealer to add a little extra coverage on top of my foundation where needed. The pinpoint brush is perfect for little blemishes or small areas of pigmentation. It really seems to make the concealer blend more naturally and last longer.

I'm super pale so I don't use much bronzer for fear of looking unnatural, but even though I got this Benefit beauty in the summer, I've continued to use just a little of it everyday throughout winter for contouring. I tap most of it off the brush before sweeping it across temples and cheekbones to add just a hint of definition. In summer I use it a little more liberally to create a lovely natural glow. It's totally non-orange and without any shimmer: in short, the perfect bronzer.

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  1. Surfspray and Hoola are my favorites too... Can't wait to leave for the US tomorrow so I can fill my suitcase with some of those...


  2. I am super pale as well, so have been thinking whether a bronzer is a no no for me. I should try the one from benefit as well



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