Monday, 27 August 2012

today i want... zara studded loafers

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Tried on these loafers in Zara today, and I can't quite make up my mind whether or not to get them. I've had my eye on them for a little while, but I'm worried they may be just a little bit "punk", an adjective I'd like to avoid at all costs. Paired with bare legs, simple leather shorts and a knit, I think they'd look just perfect, but I'm worried they could look just too masculine with other combinations. They're also not super cheap, especially as I don't wear flat shoes all that often. What do you think... bite the bullet or wait for the sales?

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  1. The shoes are gorgeous and the outfit you described is perfect and stylish for everyday. But I understand your doubt. I think you should take them because they're flat. Specific Heels you won't wear very often but flats are comfort what is a garant for wearing them much more. You should take them ;)
    Kisses, Sally

  2. I say take them, and you can then figure out how to style them. I see a lot of bloggers rocking them.
    Its better to have regrets about buying something than not buying. Right? ;)


    1. I think you're right... Unfortunately it's that attitude that makes me shop so much!! ;)

  3. I bloody love these and will definitely be buying a pair soon!

    Bemsy x

  4. Buy!! I have them too and they are so easily to comine. Black skinny with a simple white tee and leather jacket. So basic, so edgy but with some girly accessories it will be all fine for you too ;) Or like I did here on instagram

    You won't regret!!


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