Tuesday, 5 June 2012

today i want... topshop arson western boots

Now I do love a heel, but even I have to admit that if you're walking around a lot (shopping/sightseeing, etc.), a four-inch stiletto just isn't practical. But, as you'll know if you're as accustomed to wearing heels as I am, it can be nigh on impossible to wean yourself back onto flats. I just can't bring myself to walk around in a flat shoe anymore; I feel so short and stumpy in comparison. But fear not: that's where mid-heeled ankle boots come in to save the day. My Acne Pistol boots are the epitome of this: comfortable and easy to walk in, they're just the right amount of casual, absolutely the right amount of fashionable and have the perfect height of heel. Isabel Marant's Dicker boots likewise fall into this most perfect of categories: proof that beautiful doesn't have to mean impractical. Anyway, Caroline Blomst of Carolinesmode.com is pretty much the queen of the mid-heeled boot. Her collection of Marants, Chanels, Acnes, Giuseppe Zanottis and more knows no bounds: as a girl who spends her days shooting street style, she appreciates the benefits of a good mid-heeled boot. Her latest acquisition is these Topshop beauties, which admittedly are a little lower of heel than I consider optimal, but perhaps the perfect stepping stone for those who've never before ventured out of flats (oh, you don't know what you're missing). A little on the masculine side they may be, but get ready to love all things Western, because thanks to a certain Ms Marant, very soon you won't be able to move for cowboy shirts and flame-embossed footwear. Plus, in this dreary weather sometimes you need to know that you won't be stepping into a muddy puddle in your previously pale-coloured sandals, but rather looking down at a beautiful shiny boot which sartorially laughs in the face of rain.

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  1. These are gorgeous, I would snap them up right now if I could. I absolutely know what you mean about heels, I wish I wore them more often.


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