Friday, 25 May 2012

today i want... topshop boutique paisley tee & trousers

Paisley is another one of those unlikely trends going around at the moment which crept up on me and took me completely by surprise (see also: wedge trainers / floral trousers / tie-dye). A few months ago I would have baulked at the thought of dressing myself head-to-toe in any print, let alone one heretofore mainly associated with 70s carpets and men's pyjamas. But thanks mainly to JW Anderson, paisley is suddenly looking incredibly desirable. Seeing Alexa Chung teaming Anderson's paisley trousers with silver CĂ©line heels at LFW first got me reassessing my position back in February, and I've now reached the point where the sight of the Topshop Boutique set above is positively exciting. I can't imagine anything more awesome right now (especially in this weather) than turning up to a party decked out in this silk tee and trousers, hair slicked back, lots of eyeliner and bronzer, accessorised with just simple black heels and perhaps this clutch. Sadly I can't really justify dropping £130 on what is, I don't doubt, a flash-in-the-pan trend, but I am certainly considering splashing out on just the tee. Even if you don't fancy head-to-toe paisley, the thought of this tee teamed with ripped jeans surely can't fail to float your fashion boat.

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