Sunday, 29 April 2012

today i'm channelling... caroline blomst

Regular readers will know that Caroline Blomst, aka the brains behind and Stockholm Streetstyle, is one of my all-time favourite fashion icons. From the moment I discovered her blog almost two years ago, I've been completely obsessed with her sense of style. She has an almost unparalleled ability to look utterly fashionable, simply elegant and timelessly chic at all times - without exception. I don't think I've ever seen an outfit of hers I didn't like, and that's no mean feat. Caroline's secret lies, of course, in her innate styling ability, but also in her reliance on a strong set of truly magnificent basics, a wardrobe full of designer classics, and always a very simple, minimalist aesthetic. This means that while she does take some risks with fashion, staying true to her pared-back signature look makes all of her outfits seem perfectly understated. Take this, her most recent look (see it here or by clicking on the picture above). She's not breaking any boundaries but rather showing exactly how to put simple pieces together in such a way as to make them really stand out. The fashion formula is simple: take two basics (leather trousers and a grey jumper), add a casual jacket (khaki Isabel Marant) and finish off with knockout designer accessories (Céline tote and Chloé boots). The result speaks for itself. Luckily, the high street has provided us with some great affordable alternatives (though I'll admit nothing quite rivals that bag and those boots), so that we can try to capture a little of Caroline's styling know-how for ourselves. Be sure to check out her blog for much more where that came from.

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