Monday, 31 October 2011

today i'm inspired by... topshop perfectly polished make-up tutorial

I love Topshop's make-up tutorials because a) they're simple, quick and low-key; b) they're easy to follow; and c) you know exactly where to find all the products used. They are also incredibly effective at making me want to buy Topshop's entire make-up range (the only reason I haven't is because I always buy their clothes instead). I stumbled across this tutorial today and thought I'd share it because it's such a simple, light everyday look. It's not entirely dissimilar to my own daily make-up routine, in fact. And whether you're a beauty novice or a seasoned expert (I like to think I'm somewhere in between), hopefully you'll find a little inspiration here. It's not a show-stopping look, but a failsafe make-up look like this could just prove as much of a daily essential as your cosy coat this winter.


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