Wednesday, 24 August 2011

today i bought...

I've borrowed my sister's lovely denim shirt from Topshop a couple of times recently (see me in it here), and really quite wanted it for myself. Unfortunately the website had sold out of her shirt, so I ordered a similar one... but the one I actually wanted arrived instead! So instead of delivering what I ordered, they delivered what I wanted. Topshop must be able to read my mind. Maybe they know what a good customer I am... as the delivery man said, "I thought you must have moved house, I haven't been here in a whole two weeks!" Oops...

I also picked up this lovely black t-shirt/dress from H&M a few days ago (see me wearing it here). It's perfectly sheer and brilliantly oversized; it's too see-through to wear as a dress, except maybe at the beach, but tucked in it doubles as a nice basic tee. Not bad for £7.99.


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