Friday, 11 February 2011

today i want... topshop unique silk kimono dress

It's only just over a week until the Topshop Unique A/W'11 show takes place (read all about their beautiful new show space here), but today the S/S'11 collection landed on their website. If you haven't seen the show, which took place back in September, you can watch it here, or read my thoughts on it here. To refresh your memory, it was very much a hippie/70s/magical affair, all flowing chiffon, Grace Coddington hair and soft swirled prints. And while I wouldn't wear all of it (it has to be a no to the mustard flares, I'm afraid), the beautiful dresses that landed on the website today are certainly calling out to me. My favourite is the beautiful red silk kimono style pictured below. It makes me want to sling it on over a bikini and stroll down a white-sand beach, cocktail in hand. At £180 though, I think the dress may have to remain just as much of a fantasy as that scenario. But hey, a girl can dream.

Topshop Unique white angel print backless sheer kimono sleeve dress, £180


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