Monday, 7 February 2011

today i love... mint green

You may have noticed that lately I've been exalting all manner of cool pastel colours. Icy lavender, silver, duck-egg blue, pale peach and lemon yellow are all appealing to me very much at the moment. Such colours just seem so right for this transitional period from winter into spring, adding a lovely touch of lightness and colour to your wardrobe before you take the plunge into full-on brights come summer. And my favourite colour of all right now has to be mint green. What with designers like Alexander Wang and Emilio de la Morena making it a heavy feature of their spring/summer collections, it seems to me the perfect colour with which to enrobe yourself right now. So here are my picks of the best that the high street has to offer by way of mint green purchases. I recommend snapping them all up and pairing them with some lovely lavender and a flash of silver. Divine.


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